You just have to register yourself on My website, select the service u want to join and make the payments.
It will be a well balanced, nutritious diet from your kitchen only. It will be a combination of food ingredients easily available in your kitchen. I don’t believe in any FAD/CRASH dieting. You don’t have to take any pills or powders or do strenuous exercise. You just have to do simple walk/jog/exercise/yoga which suits you along with diet plan.
Your basic information, medical conditions, your relevant last blood test reports, eating habits, details with timings about your daily routine, your likings and disliking, and details about your food allergies
You will get a diet plan every week. I provide unique services of Online Diet Plans. It offers the comfort to avail the diet consultation from your preferred location. You don’t have to visit the clinic or wait in a queue to get started with healthy eating. I will consult with you over telephone or WhatsApp or Chatting or e- mail or Skype call every week with follow- ups.
My every plan is specially designed according to your body, lifestyle and routine. It is a combination of well balanced nutritious diet. You will get a diet plan every week. I will help you in each and every step. I will provide you recipes, solve your queries and I will be there with you.
It depends on your body’s metabolism, physical activity, enzymatic activity, your dedication toward following diet plan and several other factors. Almost 3-4 Kg Weight you can lose in a month. I focus on fat loss rather than Weight loss. All diet plans are specially customized according to your body, lifestyle, medical condition, eating habits, and routine.
Everybody’s body is different; weight loss varies from body to body. But if u stay dedicated and positive u will surely get benefited.
You would have to do normal walk/jog/yoga for 30-45 minutes in a day, depending on your needs and capacity. No strenuous exercises will be there
A big NO!!!!! I don’t believe in any kind of supplements or diet pills. They do more harm then good
My motto is don’t Diet, Eat Right. You will never have to starve yourself or leave your favorite foods.
I will tell you the alternatives and suggest you what u can have and what you have to avoid. Even while eating out and during your travels too you will be able to eat healthy yet enjoy.
You just have to give me a call on the provided number and set the date and time of your appointment.

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