Eatryt Corporate Nutrition awareness program

The efficiency with which a company works, gain profits and carve niches is a lot dependent on its employees. Thus, at Eatryt we have brought a Corporate Nutrition awareness program customized for the office environment. We focus on the best health benefits for your employees.

Our program includes

• A well balanced guideline for nutrition centering on work schedule and work type

• A free brochure on health

• A one-on-one session with the employees

• A complete body analysis of employees and their comprehensive report

• A special discount for the session attendees on further services

• An all inclusive information imparted associated with the nutritious diet.


With Eatryt you will be on the receiving end of a corporate nutrition awareness program directed on complete well being of your employees!

Register today to get benefitted!

corporate nutrition awareness programme with dietitian roomani

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