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Amidst the variety of things parents have on their back of mind, the one which continues to pop up time and again is providing healthy recipes for children. Then, of course, there is the how to gain weight in kids, how to lose weight in children and healthy diet tips for kids.

So, Dear parents, here is that perfect nutrition-oriented solution you had been waiting for,

How to make it work?

Developing healthy eating habits in children can definitely be tedious, it is for this reason that I make sure to provide with the right balance of nutrition and delicacy in the day to day meals for your children. You will get a diet plan for every week and I will assist you for the same in every step. I will provide you with stepwise recipes; add ons and solution to any query you have. Since, every child is different a customized diet plan is what I believe and work with.

How can you get the diet plan?

An online diet plan will be provided to you every week, which will include healthy snacks for children, lunch meal and dinner inclusions. Yet again, with the online mode, whatsapp/Skype/e-mail or chat I will be in touch with you through regular follow ups. Thus, no visits to the clinic and no distance travelling to assure a plate full of goodness for your little one! Just the online diet plan and you are sorted.

What does your diet plan include?

A well balanced and nutritious diet with the ingredients right from your kitchen in accordance with the need of your child is provided by me. So, when you are looking for healthy tiffin recipes for kids in indore you have reached the right place.

How will you measure your kids’ progress?

With the Trackers section available at our e-clinic website you will be able to track the progress of your child, in terms of weight and other body measurements.


The joining in is really simple,

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• Select the service you need

• Make the payment.

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