Eatryt Nutrition awareness program for educational institutes

Schools and colleges are the perfect educational abode nurturing children for better lives and accomplished future. Amidst all the thought process that one aspect which cannot and should not be obliterated is the nutrition which forms the backbone of their life, their success and the milestones they conquer.

And, likewise of pertinence is the health of teachers and or Professors. With the hustle bustle of life, enhanced expectations and increasing competitions this should be taken care of as well being the backbone of every educational institute.

This is exactly where we at Eatryt come in.

We provide the following services with our Eatryt Nutrition awareness programs made especially for the students and teachers

• A nutrition guideline based on the body type and weight of the students/teachers

• A comprehensive brochure to combat the day to day health issues for students/teachers

• A one on one session with every student/teacher

• A complete analysis of each student/teacher and the report

• A discount for those going for further sessions

• A detailed information about nutritious diet.


Let’s start the Nutrition class!

corporate nutrition awareness programme with dietitian roomani

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