In every package you will get a diet chart every week

Online Consultation – Diet Tips for weight loss/weight gain (No Diet chart)- Charges Rs. 400

Weight Loss

Monthly Package- 1600/-

Quarterly Package- 4500/-

Half Yearly Package- 8500/-

Yearly Package- 16500/-

Weight Gain

Monthly Package- Rs. 1600

Quarterly Package- Rs. 4500

Half Yearly Package- Rs. 8500


Body building diet/Diet with gym

Monthly Package- Rs. 1700

Quarterly Package- Rs. 4800

Half Yearly Package- Rs. 9000

Yearly Package- Rs. 17500

Bridal Package

2 Month package - Rs. 4000
(Wt. loss/Gain+ Skin glow + Good Hair)

4 month package - Rs.8000
(Wt. loss/Gain+ Skin glow + Good Hair)

6 months package - Rs. 10,000
(Wt. loss/Gain+ Skin glow + Good Hair)

Weight Loss/Weight Gain + Thyroid disorder/PCOS/PCOD/Diabetes/B.P./High Cholesterol/Migraine/High uric acid/Joint pain/ Anemia etc.

Monthly Package- Rs. 1600+Rs.200

Quarterly Package- Rs.4500+Rs.500

Half Yearly Package- Rs.8500+Rs.1000

Yearly Package- Rs.16500+Rs.2000

Pre Pregnancy/Pregnancy/Post Pregnancy

Pre Pregnancy- Rs 1200/Monthly
(nourishing diet to prepare your body for pregnancy)

Pregnancy- Rs 1500/Monthly
(diet according to development of baby)

Post Pregnancy-Rs 1800/Monthly
(Wt loss+ Nourishment of your baby)

Combo Package
Pre Pregnancy+ Pregnancy+ Post Pregnancy-Rs. 20,000 for 15 months

Therapeutic diets

Diet for Nephrological Disorder (kidney disease), High Uric acid, C.V.D (Heart problems), Hypertension, High cholesterol, Liver Disorders, Gall bladder stones, Asthma, Migraines etc-Rs. 1600

Arthritis/ joint pain/ Vitamin deficiency/Fatigue/Tiredness/Anemia/Low Hemoglobin levels-Rs. 1600
(one time diet plan with maintenance Diet plans)

Malabsorption syndrome/Constipation/Acidity/Gluten Allergies (wheat allergy), etc - Rs. 1600
(one time Diet Plan with Maintenance Diet Plans)

Diabetes Care

Pre-Diabetes – Diet Plan + Diabetes education – Rs.2000/month
(Control of Blood Sugar levels + Weight Loss)

Diabetes – Diet Plan (According to medicine/Insulin) + Diabetes education + Insulin training – Rs. 2000/month
(Control of Blood Sugar levels + Weight Loss)

Gestational Diabetes (Diabetes in pregnancy) – Diet Plan (According to Insulin) + Diabetes education + Insulin training – Rs. 2200/month
(Control of Blood Sugar levels + proper nourishment)

Diabetes + any other medical conditions – Rs.1500+Rs.500/month

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