Eatryt therapeutic diet

“Let your food be your medicine OR Let your diet assist in a healthier you"

In the present regime it has become a rather common occurrence to be diagnosed with thyroid disorder, PCOD/PCOS, nephrological disorder, high uric acid, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, high cholesterol, liver disorders, gall bladder stones, asthma, migraine, arthritis, joint pain, tiredness, anemia, malabsorption syndrome, constipation, acidity, gluten allergies. With the therapeutic diet, however you will be able to deal better with such disorders and avail more benefits from your medications.

The approach towards lifestyle diseases

You might be dealing with either of the above and the side effects associated with them. At such instances, let the therapeutic diet, whether its diet plan for high B.P., the diet plan for PCOS, the diet plan for liver disease do the needful for you. The right combination of a well balanced nutritious diet will pursue the best for you. I will provide you with a diet plan every week and provide complete support to you in every step. It will be the apt amalgamation of recipes, solution to your queries and having your back all the time with respect to health. Moreover, each diet plan provided by me is customized in accordance with your body, lifestyle, eating habits and medical condition.

The online diet plans

Whether you are looking for a diet plan for hypertension, diet plan for asthma or trying to find a gluten free diet, the online diet plans is the solution that you had been looking for. You can avail them from anyplace, whether it's your home, your office or even commuting from one place to another. No waiting in queues. No visiting the clinics. The complete consultation will be over the phone/Whatsapp/Chat/E mail/Skype. And a bonus of follow ups every week.

The diet inclusions

Your diet will include a nutritious blend of the ingredients right from your kitchen which is completely natural. Thus, it does not have any Diet pills, powders or supplements which do more harm than gain. I do recommend, however to pursue daily exercise/jog/yoga to make the diet plan work better. A dedication from your end with respect to the diet plan for arthritis, diet plan in Vitamin B12 deficiency or even the Diet plan in Vitamin D deficiency will ensure more benefits.

Tracking your progress

It is rather mandatory to track your progress, whether it is your weight, your blood sugar level or your body measurements. Do pursue this with ease with the Trackers section designed just for this purpose.

Join in and start living healthy

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• Make the payments.

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