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Drank enough of protein shakes, ate the fatty foods, consumed the spiciest delicacies, all with a primary objective of gaining weight, and still not result! So, if you are trying to find the best weight gain centre in indore, you just reached the right page with us at Eatryt.

How does it work?

A weight gain diet plan is made especially for you in accordance with a well designed approach. It includes a combination of well balanced nutrition essential for your health. A diet plan is given to you every week and I will assist you in every step. I will give you the easiest recipes, answer your queries and will be there for you.


My focus is on providing with a comprehensive solution on how to gain weight naturally. Thus, I make available to you a customized diet plan in accordance with your body, your lifestyle, your medical conditions and your eating habits. While a lot is dependent on the metabolism of your body, your physical activity, enzymatic activity and your dedication, a 2-3 kg weight gain in a month is expected.

How will I get my diet plans?

In the present lifestyle it becomes really tedious to spend time waiting at long queues at the clinic or traversing lengthy distances. Thus, I have a unique Online Diet plan service for you all. It consists of availing the diet consultation from your preferred location, at the comfort of your home or your office. I will provide consultation to you on telephone, whatsapp, chatting, e-mail or Skype along with weekly follow ups. So, whether you need diet plan for gym, diet plan for muscle gain or diet plant for weight gain I provide with all, online.

What does my diet plan have?

Well, if you are thinking on protein powders, pills, FAD that is definitely NOT what I provide with. My weight gain diet includes, well balanced and nutrition components right from your kitchen. Whether it is the body building diet, the gym diet or the weight gain diet plan you can be assured of eating healthy and natural with my diet plans.

How will I measure my progress?

Indeed, the primary concern is tracking the progress. Just so that you do not miss on the numbers, the units and the tracking, our e-clinic website has been designed specifically for you. You will be able to record your weight and your body measurements with ease at the Tracker section.

How can I join?

Simply stick to these simple steps for a healthier you,

1. Register yourself on the website

2. Select the service

3. Make the payments.

Weight gain

MONTHLY Quarterly Half yearly
Customized diet plan- according to your needs Customized diet plan- according to your needs Customized diet plan- according to your needs
New diet plan every week New diet plan every week New diet plan every week
30 days consultancy 90 days consultancy 180 days consultancy
Unlimited text Consultation Unlimited text Consultation Unlimited text Consultation
audio/video consultation audio/video consultation audio/video consultation
Weekly monitoring Weekly monitoring Weekly monitoring
E clinic account
2000 Rs
E clinic account E clinic account
Healthy recipes
5500 Rs
Healthy recipes
Exercise guidance & videos 11000 Rs

Eatryt Weight Gain

MONTHLY Rs.2000/month

QUARTERLY -Rs. 5500/month

HALF YEARLY – Rs. 11000/month

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