Why Exercise And Crash Diets Are Useless For Weight Loss.

Let me tell you a fact the time you are spending sweating in a gym, skipping meals, starving yourself is useless for weight loss. As per the studies, exercise increases your metabolic rate only for the specific time duration, which is not at all helpful in weight loss. Doing heavy exercise and then eating junk food is a very harmful combination. It will tend to loss of muscle mass and storage of more fat cells in your body. A balanced diet with exercise is the only way to healthy weight loss, not even some crash diet. Crash diets are not helpful in long term weight loss. In fact, they can lead to more weight gain. That kind of diets are hard to maintain, they make your body low on energy making you crave for high fat and high sugar foods. Your weight will bounce back, making you fall into the vicious cycle. Crash diets can also create vitamin and mineral imbalance in your body, making you prone to deficiency diseases. The key to weight loss is always balanced diet with moderate exercise not starving diet with heavy exercise. Numerous studies done on this subject gives only 1 simple result, the most effective way of weight loss is to reduce calorie intake by a healthy balanced diet. Always seek the help of an expert dietitian who will plan a healthy diet according to your body. It’s better to get proper Weight loss with consultation then running in circles and lose none

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