STRESS AND WEIGHT GAIN Everybody’s is stressed now a days and that leads to many problems which generally people are not aware off. Firstly let’s understand what stress is “Anything that poses a challenge or a threat to our well-being is a stress.” or Stress is the feeling we have when under pressure Recent studies have shown major relationship between stress and weight gain. Our body has its own way to deal with stress. The first response is FIGHT OR FLIGHT:- this response makes you overeat even if u don’t need to and leads to weight gain CORTISOL- the stress hormone increases, leads to higher insulin levels and blood sugar levels drop and make you crave for sugary and fatty foods. So ease your stress, Distress yourself with yoga, meditation, breathing exercises Get support from your family and friends Read, listen to music, play your favourite sports, travel........... You have got only 1 life and live it to the fullest!!!!!!!!! Dietitian Roomani jain

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