TIPS TO LOOSE BELLY FAT CUT DOWN ON SODIUM: Sodium is a mineral present in salt. It causes bloating and water retention in the body, so avoid sprinkling salt on your salad, curd, raita, vegetables and don’t add salt to your chapattis and rice. Take only ½ tsp of salt in a day. INCLUDE POTASSIUM ON YOUR DIET: Potassium is also a mineral, but it works opposite to sodium. It helps in relieving bloating and water retention from your body. Include potassium-rich fruits like bananas, vegetables like sweet potato and potato in your diet. EAT FIBRE: Fiber is the roughage present in food. It helps in giving you satiety, aids in digestion, relieves constipation, and thus prevents bloating. There are 2 types of fiber soluble that are present in fruits and salads and insoluble that is present in whole grains and pulses. Include both types of fiber in your diet to stay fit. STAY HYDRATED: Water maintains the mineral balance in your body. Drinking less water can aggravate your sodium levels and cause bloating. It also helps fiber to do its work, thus also relieves constipation. DON’T DRINK CALORIES: Stay away from coke, Pepsi, sweet tea, fruit juices, milkshakes, cold coffee etc.rather include whole fruits, green tea, chach, lassi made from skim milk in your diet. AVOID HEAVY FOODS: Food items like fatty foods, or too sugary foods, increase the load on your digestive system and delay digestion, resulting in bloating. It’s better to stay away from them By Dietitian Roomani Jain

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