Hello everyone came across this very nice and healthy recipe for breakfast and for tiffin it is specially for those moms who struggle to feed veggies to their kids BROCCOLI POHA IDLI This recipe would make 6 idlis Ingredients: Poha- ½ cup, suji- ½ cup, dahi ¼ cup, soda ½ tsp, grated broccoli 3-4 TBSP, chopped onion 2Tbsp, salt to taste Recipe: Soak poha for 5 min to make it soft Take suji, curd and soda in a bowl and mix well Leave for 5 min After 5 min drain the poha and add to suji mix, add broccoli, onion, salt and mix with a spoon pressing and mashing poha nicely, add water for consistency Heat water in a idli cooker, grease the idli mould and pour batter Steam on medium flame for 10 min.

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